What are my options for converting an AIX environment that runs SQL Plus against Oracle to an AIX environment that will access a MS SQL database?


  • I am converting a system from ORACLE to MS SQL Database.  I have an existing AIX environment that executes Bourne Shell Scripts.  These scripts invoke SQL Plus that runs stored procedure & queries against Oracle. 

    Without having to re-invent the wheel, what are my options for reusing these scripts to access a MS SQL database? 

    Will SQL Plus even run against a MS SQL Database?

    Is there a utility I can run that will convert my stored procedures and queries to T-SQL or a SQL that can be used against a MS SQL database?

    What do I need to install on Linux to access a MS SQL Database?  What do I need to install on the MS SQL database side?

    Is the better solution to re-write the scripts in SSIS & PowerShell and use SSA as the master scheuder?  (Don't use an AIX environment).

    Tuesday, July 23, 2013 5:58 PM