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  • I am having an issue with content advisor in that it will not let me download specific attachments from a website. i look after multiple computers located in diffent cities and i use content adviser with a ratings fill called noaccess.rat. the ratings file allows me to specify only the websites i want the end users to visit, and one of them is our policy online site. on the policy site we have many files including pdf, xls, doc, ppt and the problem appears to be the size of the files i am trying to open / download from the site. i have used different ratigs files including the default ones(icra3) that are built into ie 7 /8 and have encountered the same issue. when i turn off content advisor the issue disappears.
    the problem seems to occur on files that are over 50k. if the files are 49k and under the files open with no problem, but if i try and open a file that is larger than 50k the download stalls and then after 20 seconds i will get a promt to open or save the file. when i get the prompt and try to open the file i get errors. ppt errors say file not supported. xls, doc, pdf echo the message that the file is corrupt. i also have noticed that the files that are over 50 k when downloaded don't match the stated size on the policy website, almost like it is downloading only a portion of the file.
    Any help would be appreciated as i cant seem to find much information on this issue or some sore of file cap size when using ie 7/8

    The computers in question are mostly windows xp with ie 8 fully patched and not connected to a windows based server. In brief content advisor turned off files download correctly, turn on content advisor and all files over 50 k don't download correctly.
    Friday, January 27, 2012 6:35 PM


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    Regarding the issue, I just want to know whether this problem occurs on certain site?If so, you could try to add it into always viewable list.

    William Tan

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