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  • This question was already discussed in a previous post here:


    To summarize, the feature is not available OOTB in SharePoint 2010. However, Chakkaradeep stated that you could use the Related Items Web Part in SharePoint 2010 to accomplish your task:

    "SP2010 does allow you to construct relationships between one or more lists. For your example, you can have two lists: State and City. You can create a Lookup field from State in the City list. Now, both the lists are related. With the help of out of the box Related Items Web Part, you can now easily achieve what you wanted to achieve. When you click on a State, it will display its corresponding Cities."

    Also, since forms can now easily be customized with InfoPath 2010, you could build the cascading dropdown functionality into the form. Here is quick video by the InfoPath product team showing this solution:



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  • you can do this with Infopath Forms.

    for the time being you have a list containing various companies and the different departments in it.
    In Infopath2010 keep two dropdowns.
    Bind the first dropdown (to populate the names of the companies..) with a data connection.
    In the second dd properties, select the data source(connection..) ,
    click on the tab for 'entities' and select the departments field under SharePointListItem_RW
    then click 'filter data' and filter it with the companies field (ie,specify the Filter Conditions like the
    SharePointListItem Companies should be equal to the first dd field value).
    Click on OK for a number of times.You are done with the cascading of the dropdowns..

    Wednesday, April 4, 2012 12:15 PM
  • For SharePoint Foundation is Infopath not an option.

    SPServices is a good working solution.


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    Wednesday, April 4, 2012 12:21 PM
  • For SharePoint Foundation is Infopath not an option

    This is wrong and misleading  statement.

    The free Sharepoint Foundation (earlier known as WSS or Windows Sharepoint Services ) lacks the feature "Infopath 2010 Forms Services" of enterprise (or paid) Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2010 (earlier known as MOSS 2003/2007- MS Office Sharepoint Server).  

    That is, the lack of  enterprise MS Sharepoint Server 2010 results in inabilityto create and run browser-based Infopath forms. Though, it is possible to run Infopath client forms that are being created with Infopath Designer 2010 (in Infopath Filler 2010 compatibility mode, File --> Form Options--> Compatibility) and requiring clients to have Infopath installed locally on their computers.  

    As strange as it can sound but Infopath client forms, which do not require paid/enterprize Sharepoint Sever 2010, is an option even having enterprise Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2010 since client forms have richer pool of features (which is , almost, a superset of browser-enabled forms, with some exceptions) and, what is more important, easier to develop and configure since Infopath client forms do not have the double hop authentication problem (like Infopath browser-enabled forms have).  

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