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  • I purchased Windows Vista Home Premium with SP1 32 bit a few weeks ago.


    When the hardware I ordered to install it on arrived, I tried to install the OS.


    The Operating System would not install. I kept receiving an error stating that a file was corrupt or missing and installation  could not continue.


    I checked the DVD of the copy that failed to install and there is no discernable reason for it not to install. There are no spots or scratches or bad spots on the media. The aluminim backing has not flaked off. There is no discoloration that would indicate the dreaded "DVD Rot". It just would not read part of the DVD.


    I have 3 other PCs, all running Windows Vista Home Premium SP1, so I grabbed the DVD from one of my other installs and plunked it into the drive and tried again to install the OS. I installed it ustilizing the Product Key from the newly-purchased copy. Installation completed without any problems.


    I then deleted the partition, repartitioned and reformatted the drive, and attempted again to use the recently-purchased media to install the OS. I received the same error on two, separate additional attempts.


    I formatted the drive again and used the Media from one of my other installations, and reinstalled the OS using the Product Key from the recently-purchased copy. Installation was successful and no errors were encountered.


    To me, the errors would seem to indicate that there is something wrong with the media itself since the OS installs from the other DVD media just fine.


    How do I go about getting a new installation DVD?


    I "could" simply burn a copy of one of my other installation DVDs and put it in the case of the DVD that won't install, but I want an original DVD.

    Thursday, September 11, 2008 4:18 PM