Resolved: Cortana + Edge Broken when using Roaming or Redirected Profiles on a Windows Server Network RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    So I actually tried many of the steps that folks said to do and in reality for me, it took a longer list of them put together to actually work. This process is a pain in the butt and I have yet to actually go back and turn Roaming and Redirected Folders back on

    My Situation:

    • I have a Windows 2012 XXX Domain (Was NON-R2 and is Now R2), all latest patches etc.
    • My clients are Windows Phones, iPhones, Surfaces, Androids, Tablets, Windows 10, Windows 8.X and Windows 7
    • I used Roaming Profiles
    • I attempted to switch to Redirected Folders (initially) to see if that would solve the problem and it did not
    • Cortana and Edge were broken for everyone, except 1 machine. That machine still had the original Windows 10 on it... so it was not broken. All other machines I had upgraded to November and bingo they broke.

    Here are the steps I did exactly. It worked 100% of the time.

    1. Log People Out and reboot the client PC. this will unlock their profiles locally and remotely and stop blocking actions (deletes / renames etc) do NOT log them back in right now
    2. Log into the Domain Controller
    3. Disable Roaming and or Redirected Folders. Go into the GPO and disable it (I deleted mine actually)
    4. Reboot the Controller (again whether this step is necessary I don't care, I did it anyway)
    5. Rename the Roaming Profiles and or Redirected Folders Shared Folder (this is why people need to be logged out). You can technically stop sharing but I did not, because I needed to get to the files later
    6. In Computers and Users, make sure that on each users profile page they no longer are pointing to redirected / roaming profile locations
    7. Log into a clients machine as a local admin
    8. Open a command prompt and run gpupdate / force. Do NOT log off. Run this 3 times. This is something I am just used to doing 3 times.. Not even sure anymore where it came from, but I do.
    9. Reboot the client
    10. Log back into that machine as the local admin (not the domain admin)
    11. Rename the users local "%userprofile% folders. You can get their settings back from their redirected folder / roaming profile, since you didn't delete it
    12. Run Regedit. (yes, I had to do this step because the first machine I did got stuck in Temp Profile land. Doing this on all machines I never had this happen and zero issues).
    13. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList
    14. Click on the guids until you find the user name on it. (note: if you created a local user with the same name as the domain user, you are looking for username.domainname, not just username, otherwise just look for the username)
    15. Right click the guid and delete it (to be fair, I actually tested, renaming and deleting and both worked).
    16. Reboot the machine (it's a safety measure)
    17. 17. Log in as Admin one more time on the local machine (again the local admin)
    18. Open PowerShell in Administrator Mode (just opening it when you are logged in as Admin is not the same thing)
    19. run this command (you are going to see loads of errors, but I have yet to find one problem on all my machines)
      -- Get-AppxPackage -allusers | foreach {Add-AppxPackage -register "$($_.InstallLocation)\appxmanifest.xml" -DisableDevelopmentMode}
    20. Now I rebooted (again I am telling you what I did, don't do it and don't complain)
    21. Log in as the User themselves and it should say "Welcome to Windows" If it doesn't you did NOT rename or delete their local profile or you didn't do gpupdate / force and don't fib me
    22. Now open a command prompt
    23. Run gupdate / force -- it should just go back to the command prompt
    24. Now open two widows explorer windows. One of them to your new local profile (which again, depending on if you already had a local user with the same name as the domain name will either get %user% or %user.domain%
    25. The second window you want pointed to their previously remote profile or redirected folders location
    26. Copy things like Favorites, Documents, bla bla.. into the new completely local profile
    27. Add back any icons you are missing etc... I have Exchange at my house so I had to resetup Outlook as well

    For me this worked 100% of the time.

    I will re-update this if / when I go back to roaming / redirected folders.


    Sunday, May 8, 2016 12:34 PM