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  • I've just created a Swedish ProjectServer 2010 instance on a web app using port 81. This was done on a single server (dev machine) setup.

    Everything worked just fine during the provisioning, but when I tried to access the ProjectCenter page, the jsgrid "wait-for-it" spinning circle appeared for a few moments and then absolutely nothing appeared. No grid, headers or anything. The ribbon was all greyed out. I hadn't done a single thing to the settings in the site at this point.

    I could create a project plan using projectpro and access it again but nothing showed up in the projectcenter view.

    Other pages either using the grid or not worked just fine.

    I ran a sql profiler trace on a session and it looked like one of the queries added a parameter "@p0=1033" when accessing the page - executing this query against projectserver_published db I did get data back, but so did executing the query with 1053.

    I then created a furter instance on the same server on port 80 using the Swedish templates and this one worked just fine.

    Not giving up, I then created yet another instance on port 81 (thinking that things maybe went wrong somewhere) but this one, too, refused to display the projectcenter page correctly.

    If the problem lies with the 1033/1053 parameter in the queries retrieving data for the grid, why the difference when using a non-default port?

    Is this a "Swedish template only" problem, or have any of you experienced the same on other language installations?

    Perhaps it is related to my setup only (everything on a local machine)?

    I haven't tried this yet, but I'm going to experiment with AAM to see if it is possible to work around this. Yes, having several parallell instances on the same web app works on my dev machine, but not at the clients' farm for several non-technical reasons.

    /Lars H

    //Lars Hammarberg Gold Certified Partner

    Thursday, September 13, 2012 6:17 PM

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  • Are you able to view "Resource Center" page using both the instances.

    Try disabling IIS compression on Port 80, 81 and SharePoint Web Services web site from IIS.

    Hrishi Deshpande – Senior Consultant DeltaBahn
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    Thursday, September 13, 2012 10:57 PM
  • More findings - no longer a language-related issue:

    IIS Compression on all webs are off - both static and dynamic.

    I noticed that all of the instances I've got available here on non-default ports use AAM mapping to a port 80 application, so... I created an English (en-us) instance on port 8000 without AAM with the same disappointing result

    Using Fiddler2 and comparing the results in a port 80 and port 8000 instance (both en-us pristine deployments containing just one project named "x" and absolutely no configuration anywhere - just OOB) showed discrepancies in the definition for the jsgridfields. The working one contains the following in the return from the /_vti_bin/PSI/ProjectServer.svc service (abbreviated):

    "JsGridFields":{"value":"[{\"key\":\"Indicators\",\"width\":37,\"isVisible\":true},{\"key\":\"PROJ_NAME\",\"width\":100,\"isVisible\":true}, ... ]","persistenceType":1}"

    and the non-working one:


    I checked this for all instances I have on non-default ports regardless of languages used and NONE of those returns a jsgridfields definition.

    The rest of the data returned from the service contains project names and data correctly - it's just not populated into the grid.

    Any takers on wether this is a bug or if I could fix this with a switch/setting somewhere? Something related to how ProjectServer.svc retreives and returns data for the grid field definitions?

    Is it possible that no-one else has a non-default port instance without AAM that actually works ?!?

    /Lars H

    //Lars Hammarberg Gold Certified Partner

    Wednesday, September 26, 2012 12:08 PM