Disk cleanup runs when idle then vanishes/updates fail daily RRS feed

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  • My pc is only a few weeks old.  A few things are happening that aren't normal though.

    First, whenever I'm idle for a few minutes, disk cleanup apparently runs.  Once I move my mouse though the cleanup window vanishes.  I know its not a disk space issue, I'm only a fraction into the TB drive space.  Why does this happen and how can I stop it?

    Also, everyday I shut down my computer it says Update and shut down which I do vecause I need to shut down and thats the only option.  When I turn my computer on the next day when windows loads it says something along the lines of updates couldn't be installed, undoing changes, retrying and then I can log into windows.  Rinse and repeat that process every single day >.<

    Why is this happening and how do I correct the issue.  I'm probably going to have to call tech support aren't I? :(

    EDIT-and I posted this in the wrong spot :(
    Monday, February 16, 2015 3:03 PM