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    In our company we have a DC which runs AD, DNS and DHCP services. Gateway IP is, DC1 IP is & DC2 IP is DHCP is running on only DC1. The IP range used for the DHCP server is 192.168.68.X. Servers and other resources are given static IP address. The client machine gets the IP through lease(Floor 2 and Floor3). We have not implemented VLAN in our switches.

    As the company size is going bigger we are forced to think about expanding the number of HOST in our network. 

    What we planned to do is creating a new scope. The range of IP addresses we plan to issue is 192.168.69.X  for client machines on Floor 2 and Floor 3. IP range 192.168.70.X for New office client machines. IP 192.168.68.X won't be for lease. User authentication for the new office will be authorized by DC1 DHCP server.

    1. Is it possible to create a scope as per the above configuration?

    2. If possible, how the DHCP will know which scope to assign IP addresses to the client machines in floor 2, floor 3 and new office? 

    3. Do we need to do any kind of modifications to our existing network infrastructure?


    Monday, March 10, 2014 3:03 PM


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