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  • Hi to all,

    I am trying to understand what makes Microsoft Word (Office 2007) to behave differently when used to View/Edit document files placed in the folder located under the web application (http://W2008R2/WebApp/Documents/Document1.docx). Different behavior has been noticed for Word when installed on the Windows XP Professional from the other installed on the Windows 7.

    In both cases Word is used to open/change document file placed on the web server of the Windows 2008 R2 system within a folder of a web application configured to be used trough WebDAV. File permissions of targeted folder (and files within) are set to full access to a non administrator group (Writers) and WebDAV authoring and authorization settings are set accordingly. Only windows authentication is used (anonymous access is disabled) in a non domain environment. All relevant users are created on client machines to match one created on the server. Group Writers exists only on server and it is used for configuration of the files and folders for users which will consume files trough WebDAV. I am confident that described environment is solid - it worked for several months without problems on the server side.

    However, on the client side there where problems depending on the operating system on which Word 2007 application is run. While the Windows XP users can Edit/View files from the Documents folder (from the server) the Windows 7 users experienced problems when they tried to save changed back to the server or when they tried to save document under different name (Save As); and there is one problem common for all system which is related to locking - document remain locked until application is restarted, but this problem has not been completely identified (it can not be reproduced, it happens sometimes).

    Every client has requested editing of the documents using the following command line

    WINWORD http://W2008R2/WebApp/Documents/Document1.docx

    When started in this way, the Word will be a WebDAV client and it will lock document when it is open in edit mode.

    Most of described things was found on experiment basis and it took great deal of time.

    I wold like to know is there an article (or group of articles) which describe client side of the Word application when it is used as WebDAV client, specially descriptions and configuration of the parameters which can affected to improve user experience.

    I it would be great to known is there a list of prerequisites/requirements for the Word application in order to operate as WebDAV client?


    Thanks, in advance

    Kind Regards.


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