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  • Windows Vista installed first time. That's good.

    I burned my own DVD image at lower speed than maximum (8x) of my DVD recorder: 4x.

    This is day 2 of use and so far I have a couple of comments about the installation:

    - First, I live in Argentina. In one of the first setup screens it asks you to enter your location, so I chose: Spanish(Argentina). Now this is the thing: Here in Argentina, the computer dealers brought different kinds of keyboards: The three more common ones are US, Latin American and Spanish. Windows Vista Setup allows me to choose the first two, but Spanish keyboard has to be chosen after installation in the Control Panel. It would be nice to be able to choose another kind of keyboard layout during setup (how about an option <Other>) .

    - I had spent some time trying to configure the network, since I am using a virtual machine to test Windows Vista and found out some comments in the help guide of the virtual machine software to make it work.

    - One other point is that when the machine is put to sleep: When I resume there is no network connection. I have to restart Windows Vista to make the network connection available.


    For now, that's all



    Sunday, July 9, 2006 4:20 AM