WMP skipping when in background or minimized/ windows 7 pro issue with media RRS feed

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  • Hello. I recently upgraded to Windows 7 Professional. I have always used WMP as my music player, for years. I started back with WMP 7. I liked wmp 11, it was awesome. I figured WMP 12 would be good too. Aside from a massive list of complaints I have for it, including the taskbar docking, I have a HUGE issue. It's not a complaint, its a problem! Whenever I run a window over WMP 12, it starts skipping, as if it were set to low priority when not the selected window. When I minimize it, with NO other programs running it does the same. I downloaded some freeware music players, including Foobar, and they did the same. I bought the the N-version, and figured that was the problem. Either WMP is crappy, or something is wrong with my OS set up. I got the full media pack for N-users, so thats no issue. It's as if my media payers (wmp or not) are set to have low priority when not selected or open. It does this on most players, not just windows components. So I figure its a possibly OS issue, or an issue that WMP has given my system(considering foobar worked until i downloaded the media pack). any help would be awesome. I can provide much more detail if needed. thanks.
    Wednesday, December 22, 2010 9:32 AM