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  • My environment uses ie8 with 2008 R2 AD and our users are running Windows7 sp1.  I have a GPO built called standard IE where there are 5 intranet sites added.

    In fact, if I look at the settings tab of this particular GPO, and drill down (show all), the 5 intranet sites are there.  Also, if I run rsop.msc on my local machine, I see them. 

    However, when i go to edit the GPO, and goto:

    Group policy setting: User Configuration / Windows Settings / Internet Explorer Maintenance / Security/ Security Zones and Content Ratings/security zone privacy.

    There is no sites found under the intranet setting for ie.  I want to add an additional, however it overwrites when i do so. 

    And, I'm prompted with a window ...

    "You have chosen to import settings that are compatible with computers that don't have the internet explorer enhanced security configuration enabled.  The security settings will be ignored on machines where the enhanced security configuration is enabled.  To import settings for users where the enahnced security configuration isn't enabled, click continue.  to import settings for the enhanced security configuration, click cancel, then install the enhanced seucirty configuration and import the enhanced security settings from the previous dialog.  to import settings for users who login to computer in both scenarios, configure GPO/IEAKPage for each scenario and deploy both packes to the same user." 

    The options given are -cancel or continue. 

    Either way, i'm not shown the 5 intranet sites that were added to my intranet sites setting under the security tab for ie8.

    Note - We want our users to be able to manually append to the intranet site list as well.

    stephen barteau

    Wednesday, February 6, 2013 4:56 PM