why can't remove document issuer OWNER right RRS feed

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  • when testing adrms sdk 2.1 , i notice msdn say application should explict grant OWNER rights to owner,  but i find document issuer always have OWNER right even if not granted.

    Then i do the following test

       1) not specify owner and owner rights when set license property

       2) specify issuer's mail as to IPC_LI_OWNER,   and owner only has READ right

                       3) specify another one's email as IPC_LI_OWNER

       4) specify IPC_USER_ID_NULL as set IPC_LI_OWNER

    After issue, i use IpcAccessCheck to check rights of issuer, i found issuer always has all rights. It means there is 

    no way to remove OWNER right from issuer?Is that right?

    Monday, December 23, 2013 8:50 AM