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  • Hi,

       Just wanted to know if we can delete actuals in MPP. We r using Project server 2007. Scenario is as follows

    -> Project is created in Professional and resources are assigned to tasks. the plan spans about 1300 lines with dependencies set in.

    -> Team members start entering actuals through PWA

    -> After sometime Project manager feels that the plan is not right and the actuals not entered properly and hence wants to get rid of actuals set in.

    At this point in time how can i delete the actuals to make the same plan start afresh. I mean i want the plan as is as it was in the beginning even before the resources started entering their actuals without any changes and the start date in the same form as in the beginning. Please mention the steps


    Thanks in Advance


    Wednesday, August 10, 2011 7:08 AM


  • mp --

    One way I have addressed this is to do the following when I have messed up entering actuals in one of the sample files we use with our books and classes :

    1.  Click Window > Split to apply the Task Entry view.
    2.  Select a task with improper actuals in the Gantt Chart pane.
    3.  In the Task Form pane, delete the resource(s) assigned to the task and click the OK button.
    4.  In the Warning dialog about removing resources with actual values, click the Yes button.
    5.  In the Task Form pane, reset the Duration to 1 day and click the OK button.
    6.  Reassign the resource(s) to the task using either Units and Work, or Units and Duration, and then click the OK button.

    I cannot guarantee that the above process will solve all of your PM's problems.  The bigger problem is that he is changing his mind about the project AFTER the project is already in progress.  Beyond this, our PM will still have issues with Baselines, however, so maybe he should rebaseline the project after this process.  Hope this helps.

    Dale A. Howard [MVP]
    VP of Educational Services
    "We write the books on Project Server"

    Wednesday, August 10, 2011 12:25 PM