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  • I have a new laptop running Win 10 Pro x64 and Office 365 ProPlus (Subscription Product, ver 1810 Build 11001.xx Cilck-to-Run, 32-bit).  The icons in the Timeline view are either distorted or tiny. All other icons in other folders or sections appear normal, it's just with the Timeline view.  I use that view in a couple folders and for timekeeping notes in the Journal. The icon weirdness only happens when I select the Day or Week view. Note the squished icons as they appear now in my timeline above each "time" entry in the default Week time span. The icons are supposed to be on the left of each item, not above each one and distorted...

    [image 1]

    If I change the time span from Week to Month, the icons look as they are supposed to, but I can't use that view for what I need to do every day...

    Also if I change the View Settings to another type like Entry List, the icons look fine...

    Here is how the Timeline is supposed to look, as seen on another laptop running Win 7 and Outlook 2016 Pro...

    To try to debug and fix the issue, here are things I have tried, but nothing yet has helped:

    • Resetting the View (View > Reset View), which defaults back to Week
    • Creating a new View type under View > Change View > Manage Views... > selected type as Timeline
    • Creating new time entries with Entry Type of Phone Call or Task, and those icons also show as very tiny, which is not right
    • Disabled the Office hardware graphics acceleration option
    • Rebuilding the windows icon/thumbnail cache (Closed Outlook, killed Explorer.exe in Task Manager, then restarted it).  I have no issues with other icons in the Task bar, Start menu, or anywhere in windows 10.
    • Checked for Office updates, but Office said I was up to date
    • Reinstalling Office. I uninstalled Office, restarted, downloaded Office for Business again while logged into Office365 > Settings > Office365 > Software > Office > select options then downloaded installer.
    • Thankfully I haven't found any issues with other Office apps like Word, Excel etc.

    The issue seems to be only with the Timeline view, and it’s not just in the Journal folder. If you pull up Tasks, or your Inbox, or any other folder in Outlook, you can create a new Timeline view to test this issue: Views > Change View > Manage Views… > New… > set Type of view to Timeline, and take defaults. Then under Change Views… pick your new view. You’ll notice that for the day or week view, the icons are tiny. It almost seems like a bug in the subscription ProPlus version of Outlook, or with Windows 10, or a combination.  I’ve searched a lot online but haven’t found anything specific to this bug yet.

    I had another employee with the same Office version (except his is 64-bit) and had him try the Timeline view settings, and he also gets the same tiny icons. But with another employee who has a newer Office Professional Plus 2016 installed (not subscription), their Timeline icons look normal.  It seems to point to being a bug in the Office 365 Outlook version.  Any suggestions or workarounds?

    Monday, November 12, 2018 5:22 PM

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  • I wanted to mention that I also tried starting Outlook in safe mode and it didn't resolve the issue.

    Monday, November 12, 2018 5:35 PM
  • Hi Sean,

    Thanks for reporting the issue.

    I tried to test in my environment and can reproduce the issue in Version 1811, Version 1810 and Version 1803. Currently I cannot confirm if this is by design or a known issue in Office 365 as l didn't find any official documentation about this. I have tried to submit this using our internal way and will post back at once if I get any update. It is also encouraged to submit your feedback via the Feedback option in Outlook user interface. Your understanding and patience is highly appreciated.


    Yuki Sun

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    Tuesday, November 13, 2018 8:26 AM
  • Yuki - Thanks for submitting the bug.  It's definitely a bug and not by design, since you and I can reproduce the issue in different versions.

    I added images to my original post in case others have this issue.  Hopefully it will be fixed in a future Outlook update very soon!  In my version of Outlook I don't have the Feedback option which is why I opted to post it here.

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    Wednesday, December 5, 2018 6:41 PM
  • Greetings all.  Just wanted to check in as I'm transitioning from an Office 2016 install to using Office 365 and can confirm this is still happening in Version 1903 (Build 11425.20204 Click-to-Run)
    Wednesday, April 17, 2019 5:38 PM