Cannot connect to SQL Server 2016 Std.


  • In the process of migrating SCCM to new hardware; part of which is to consolidate the SQL Server and SCCM in one spot.  To facilitate this, the destination server has SQL Server 2016 installed, and the original database has been copied over.  In order to migrate, the old SCCM server will connect to the above mentioned SQL instance, and SCCM will then be added to the new box and site roles migrated over.  Unfortunately, the old SCCM will not connect to the new SQL (it was already configured for an "outside" DB server, just pointing it to new home).  According to the ConfigMgr setup logs, the old SCCM is able to connect to the database, find the default path to the data files, and establish an SQL connection.  It then errors, stating "Report Failure callback. Failure:73" followed by another error, "ConfigMgrSetupWizard Verbose: 1 : Received error [The setup command-line option is not valid on this computer.] from native code."  The new server is a member of the admin group on the old server and vice-versa, SQL server is configured to use the correct port (1433, firewall exception created), TCP and Named pipes are enabled and configured, and I am stumped.  Any help provided would be GREATLY appreciated...
    Thursday, November 9, 2017 9:55 PM

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