Local admin permissions to run the Map toolkit RRS feed

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    I our environment we try to stay away from giving our users local admin permissions on their computers. The Map Toolkit application requires local admin permissions to be launched. Why is this? Is there no way to get around it?

    We have some users that we give local admin permissions because they would otherwise not be able to perform key tasks. These are typically more technically oriented users. To avoid that they are always logged in with administrative privileges we have a policy that they get an extra user account that has local admin permissions but they should never log onto the computer with this admin account. They will only use it to perform tasks that require these permissions. (I know that this means that they can then do what they want and they can even give their normal account local admin permissions...but that is handled by the policy and breaches must be handled if they are discovered).

    Still the problem remains that if you run the Map Toolkit application as a different user and specify the admin user you will still have problems in the cannot locate the database or stuff like that because it is looking in the wrong profile catalogue on the computer.

    So is there a way to handle this and avoid giving the users local admin permissions for the account they are logged on with. 

    Thursday, April 30, 2015 9:47 AM

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