GPP Mapped Drives disappear off network


  • Hi All, 

    I've really been banging my head on the wall with this, so hopefully someone can help. We've added some Sufaces to our environment Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, and they're having some issues with GPP Drive Mappings with Server 2008r2. While on the network all drives work correctly, and everything is mapped correctly. Drive mappings are set to "Update" with "Reconnect" disabled. Additionally I use targeting, and only map the drives if X user is in X group. All drives are mapped on the same file server.

    The issue is when a user is offline (working remote, traveling, ect) the drives do not show up at all. With Windows 7 all our drives still showed up, and just had a red X when they were offline. So on Windows 8 / 10 when a user hops on the VPN and tries to go to a sales drive (GPP mapped) it's missing. Now while on the VPN they can run "gpupdate /force" and it does map the drives. However that's really not a good workaround for all my users. 

    So here are some things I've done to try to solve it. 

    1. Changed the path from DNS to IP so instead of "//fileserver/sales" it would be "//"

    2. Tried all sorts of variations of GPP mappings (update, replace, create, reconnect enabled, reconnect disabled). 

    3. Tried recreating the policy all together

    4. Enabled the GPO "Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon". 

    5. Added reg key for "EnabledLinkedConnections" 

    6. Ensured offline files / folders were enabled in Sync Center

    7. Removed the policy entirely and re-created it. 

    8. updated all the latest updates in Server 2008 r2. 

    Thanks, and hopefully I'm missing something super easy. 


    Tuesday, September 27, 2016 7:31 PM


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