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  • Does anyone know what support is provided in SSAS 2005 on currency conversion based cube updates ?

    I have put together a simple example on the AdventureWorksDW DB.

    In my DSV, I have DimTime, DimCurrency and DimCustomer as dimension tables plus FactCurrencyRate and FactInternetSales as fact tables.

    I then create a simple sample cube based on these 5 tables.

    I now have my [CurrencyTest] cube made of 2 measure groups : "Fact Currency Rate" and "Fact Internet Sales".

    I have setup the [Dim Currency] dimension to be typed as CURRENCY, the measure group "Fact Currency Rate" as Exchange Rate and added Currency Conversion BI to the cube (on-to-many relationship).

    It all works fine as far as reporting is concerned. Changing currency works fine.

    Now, I write-enable the Fact  Internet Sales measure group.

    Updating the cube with no restriction on the "Reporting Currency" dimension works fine.

    Now, when I try to perform an UPDATE CUBE mdx statement on a specific currency (on the [Reporting Currency] dimension ), I don't get any error. Though, the value is not modified at all (even afetr commit)

    Maybe I should rather use a many-to-many type relationship with the curreny dimension...

    Any suggestion on this ?

    thx & rgds,


    Friday, January 20, 2006 11:40 AM