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  • Hi guys

    We classified Knowledge Base Articles with a class extension of System.Knowledge.Article. The classifications look like: LOW (visible to all supporter), MEDIUM (visible to 2nd level supporter only) and HIGH (visible to data center engineers only)

    In addition, the most frequent CI objects (like computers, users, printers and so on) should be displayed to everyone.

    I did the following steps:

    1) Created a group containing all objects of class System.PhysicalEntity

    2) Created a group congaining all objects of class System.LogicalEntity

    3) Created a group containing both groups of step 1) and 2) => this group represents the CIs which should be visible to everyone.

    4) Created a group for each level of KB article classification

    As far as good. As soon as i permit a user role to access one of the KB article classification group only the filtered KB articles are displayed. That's what we are expecting. Problem now, as soon as i enable the group of task 3) (which contains all public available CIs), all KB articles are visible to the user role.

    Futher testing gave me the indicator that KB articles are displayed because of the group containing all classes of type System.LogicalEntity. I'm woundering about that because if i use powershell to get the class hirarchy of the KB articles, they are not inherrited from System.LogicalEntity or one of ist sub-classes in any way. Additional info: Class System.Knwoledge.Article has only two base types (System.Entity and System.ConfigItem).

    If I search for all objects of type System.LogicalEntity (via the advanced search in console) no KB articles are displayed. Same result if i have a look at the members of the group containing System.LogicalEntity objects (from step 2)). Both tests are as expected as KB articles should not be member of System.LogicalEntity.

    Any idea why the articles seem to be displayed as soon as I enable either Group of step 2) or 4) for a user role?

    Best regards


    Thursday, January 17, 2013 1:01 PM

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  • Based on some further testing, i may found the reason why the KB articles get displayed within System.LogicalEntity. It looks like as soon as we extend the class System.Knowledge.Article by some attributes (like list values or text fields) and these values are used within a KB article, the article gets displayed within System.LogicalEntity. If the newly added fields are not filled (even if they are displayed on the form) the article remains hidden which means it is not part of System.LogicalEntity.

    We will check on how to continue with this issue.


    Thursday, January 24, 2013 8:25 AM
  • Eric - bit of a necrothread but I was wondering if you had any progress with this?
    I'm currently testing down the same path, in addition to also limiting what appears in knowledge search (despite restricting 'access' via views - kb search still displays all results regardless).
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    Wednesday, February 5, 2014 12:07 AM