Could be IE6 Addons exported? RRS feed

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  • Hello, I'm trying to move to Windows 7 but it's not possible yet because of a legacy web application. 

    The web-app is accessible from a Windows XP \ IE6 machine as expected. 
    The web-app is not accessible from Windows 7 \ IE7 or IE8. Also I did some test using a clean XP \ IE6 and the same error as with Windows 7.

    When I go through the IE 6 configuration in the XP that is working, I noticed that it has a couple of IE Addons where the publisher name is the web-app vendor.

    The thing is that I haven't support from the vendor and the source code or bits are not available. Right now is not possible to me to virtualize IE using some available technologies because I need the source code to get them working. The web-app will be upgraded but it will take around of three years from now.  So.. I'm looking for the way to export and Import IE  Addons if possible, or looking for some technology that allow me to virtualize the IE6 but it come with all the addons or dependencies for  the app. 

    -The XP Mode is not a solution because the app interacts with some usbs and serial devices not detected by VPC.
    - Med-V needs the source code.
    - The web-app validate the client computer name, it needs to be registered on the web-app and does not allow multiple sessions from the same computer name. I'm not sure if with that in mind terminal services will works.
    - I tried VMW ThinApp for IE6 Virtualization but nothing with the environment, addons, etc. It comes with an IE6 clean. 

    Please any hints, recommendations or light will be appreciated. 
    Best regards,


    Tuesday, September 17, 2013 5:54 AM