New user - need guidance with initial setup and layout of data tables pls RRS feed

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  • Hi all - first time user here. I'm feeling my way through, getting familiar with Desktop and the different functionalities - basically have had a little play. But now, as an organisation, we would like to migrate all the performance metrics/indicators we have over to Power BI permanently.  My initial question is what is the best way to organise the data going in to Desktop... at present we have an Excel sheet that lists the metric names and identifying codes down the left, with the month name across the top and the bulk of the sheet houses the associated values. All of it, on one sheet.

    The calculations to produce the measures, the target and interventions for each, the frequency etc are all held within the existing system. What is the best way to get all this information organised for use within Power BI visualisations? I'm trying to map it out in my head and with not knowing enough about it I'm coming up short. What I don't want to happen is to muddle through, get months down the line and realise that I should have set it up differently from the very beginning and have to start over in order to get the desired result.  

    What I have at the moment is the metrics all in to a data table, measures have been created to divide one metric by the other - but how do I get target and intervention data in for each measure? How to I apply RAG ratings to this when they are calculated after going in to Power BI? Should the metrics all be in one data table or many? And should they be linked by relationships to targets and interventions that sit in a separate sheet?

    Any guidance to steer me right before I start producing dozens of separate data tables(!) would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in anticipation.

    Friday, October 18, 2019 11:01 AM