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  • We are using excelservice.asmx in c# code that calls a excel file passes in the data and then gets the calculated output from there,

    everything works fine in "single server" test environment, the test environment has Share Point 2013 WFE , Share Point 2013 App Services and Share Point database (SQL 2012)hosted in a single server. 

    We are planning to move to a production environment which has below configuration.

    1. 2 Servers for Sharepoint 2013 WFE and load balanced through F5 Load Balancer with sticky session enabled

    2. 2 Server for Sharepoint 2013 Appserver, with load balancing handled by sharepoint.

    3. SQL 2012 - Std. edition

    Below are my questions ..

    1. Where does the excelservice.asmx run ? is it on WFE or the App Servers ?

    2. If it runs on share point app servers then how load balancing is handled ? my understanding is that share point offers load balancing by itself as per

    3. What are the load balancing options I need to choose if I want sticky session enabled.  ref to :


    Wednesday, November 2, 2016 2:44 PM

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