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  • Hi all, I currently experiencing very strange slow restores... :) 

    When I'm doing a mailbox database restore from DPM 2010, in it's original location, recovery db or in Folder, the restore is going very very slow ?

    # Example1: Restore in a folder (DPM's local folder) :

    First the restore of the File.EDB is done quickly :)
    Then restore of logs are very slow ? by pressing "F5" key, I can see the numbers of the log files increase 1 or 2 log per second...
    I can restore 1,5 Go in 8 minutes.

    # Example2: Restore in recovery DB :
    First restore of File.EDB is also done quickly
    Then restore of log are very slow...
    in the event viewer  I can see this event "MSExchangeIS - 9756 - Exchange VSS Writer successfully restored the backup set to database 'recoverydb'. To bring the restored databases to a clean-shutdown state, database recovery will be performed using the information in the restore environment document 'G:\recoverydb\_restoredLogs\E03restore.env'.
    For me it's mean that the next step is to replay the logs.
    So I'm waiting for Event "ESE - 301 - Information Store (7976) recoverydb: The database engine has begun replaying logfile G:\recoverydb\_restoredLogs\E030000xxxx.log. but it's take a long time to come ^^ And when the first Event Id 301 appears, it's took only a few second to replay hundred of logs... Then the restore is finished :) 

    In term of metric => Restore of 600 Mo DB take almost 1 hour...

    I did a manual test to copy files to the exchange server from the DPM server and vice versa => it was quite fast so I think the network is not an issue.

    My configuration are the following :
    2 DPM VM VMware 8 Cpu / 8 Go Ram / 1 Nic 15Go
    DPM 2010 QFE 1 & 2
    Exchange 2010 - DAG - 6 nodes - 12 DB - 1 Active db + 1 Passive db / split on two locations

    AV Exclusions are set properly according to kb http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb808691.aspx
    (AV => McAfee 8.7.0i Viruscan Enterprise)

    I did a lot perfmon on CPU / RAM / Paging File / Disk / Nic during retorations operations and i found no bottleneck

    I read this blog too http://briandesmond.com/blog/dpm-and-anti-virus-exclusions/ but i did'nt have time yet to test it ? Someone could confirm that exclusion of Eseutil is requires ?

    I think that the next step is to remove the AV and doing some tests, but if AV is not guilty (AV must be guilty :) )... Where I have to looking for ? If someone have and idea ?


    Tuesday, July 12, 2011 9:37 PM