Windows Server Operating System Patch & SCCM.


  • I have a question concerning operating system patches … In a recent meeting it was mentioned per our SCCM group, Microsoft as changed how window operating system patches are distributed. Instead of individual patches, all monthly patches are bundled.

    I asked if this was truly a Microsoft change, or how the company is distributing the patch, and I was told it was from Microsoft.

    I believe this to be a facility, since I went home and on my test server I was able to download individual operating system patches.

    Plus, I used to do SCCM package creations, and know that all packages can be created by “assembling” multiple individual updates and then bundling them into 1 package

    Finally, a SCCM package question … is it not possible to create a package which can download all the individual patches onto a server, but leave it up to the server administrator which patch should be excluded? We have an application which has had issues with certain Microsoft patches. Before we install patches we get verification from the vendor. Instead of requesting the SCCM admins to create specific package for our needs, I thought have all the patches installed – and then we can decide what patch should be omitted.

    Friday, March 30, 2018 3:59 PM

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