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  • I am getting the now common "insufficient system memory" error after migrating servers. Working system: Sql2005 32bit on Windows 2003 32bit on 4 core x 4GB Dell Flaky system: Sql2008 SP1 32bit on Windows 2008 R2 64bit on 16 core x 16GB Dell The application using the server is third party and is only certified to run on Sql2008 SP1 32bit at this point in time (for compliance purposes we must use a certified configuration). The database has a linked server using OLEDB; when we run standard sql queries against this linked server, we eventually get the "insufficient system memory" error. We restart the server and life goes on. I have applied the -g384 fix; otherwise standard out of the box memory configuration. Uptime without fix is 2 days, with fix is 2 weeks... so the fix really isnt a fix. The sql server instance is using 3.5GB out of 16GB. On another post, there is a link which indicates this problem is solved by enabling locked memory pages... but other posts indicate that makes no sense on a 64bit OS. So questions are: 1 - will AWE make any difference with 32bit sql running on 64bit os? 2 - will locked memory pages make any difference with 32bit sql running 64bit os? 3 - what performance monitor item(s) should I be looking at that are related to this problem? 4 - will increasing -g even higher make any difference? thx
    Monday, January 3, 2011 7:20 PM


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