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  • Greetings from LeonSprings, Texas,

    I have been chasing my various problems for some time (maybe 8 or 9 months, problems probably caused by me and have solved them) and one operation was to remove all antivirus programs, Avira's AntiVir, Avast, then Comodo's, only one had a real time monitor running at any time and reinstall one including my firewall.  This was done and now cannot reinstall my Avast!4 version 4.8.  "User Account Control" has blocked the installation and tells me my Administrator has set policy on this, I am my own admin. This is a HOME system, have installed Avira's AntiVir without any difficulties and removed same, am using Comodo Internet Security v3.10.102363.531/w AntiVirus from them with out any problems either.  Have removed the antivirus feature of CIS and attempted to install Avast!4, I had it on here before and now cannot reinstall.  I keep getting that message.  Have used the Avira's Registry cleaner to see to it that was removed, also one from Alwil's website to remove any left over parts of their software, Avast, and that is clean.  Have used RegEdit to search for any entries for Alwil, Avast, AntiVir, et ceteras and nothing is found, all clean.

    I now have my CIS/w virus scan abilities implemented until this can be cured.

    My system is a Dell Inspiron 531s AMD Athlon(tm) 64bit X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+ 2.3GHz 4.00GB RAM running Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 (started with SP1) 32bit O/S.

    When booting not all of my startup programs start, I have CIS set to start as early as possible yet the ICON never shows in the SysTray until I click on the program my self.  It also has HIPS feature built into their software, I am sure also you are aware of all of this, I mention it to show you I too am aware and use these features as much as possible.  I have been using Windows since Win3.1 through Win98SE and jumped to Vista SP1 and updated to SP2 just after release.  I do not use the Start/All Programs/Startup for autostart of programs.  I place them in the correct Registry point for that feature to be started, some are under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE or HKEY_CURRENT_USER.  Have done this since starting to use Windows and still do that, is this part of my problem?  I call myself a 'Loose Knut on the Keyboard' or a very curious user that likes to troubleshoot my own problems and fix it myself, some times I need some HELP that comes from BlackViper, WildersSecrutiy, MSFN, and many other including CastleCops that is no longer there.  So you see I have had some very good HELP, this one is driving my crazy.

    I know this is getting to be rather long winded, just wanting to get as much info in here to let you know where I stand, er, sit anyway.  As you can also tell I am NOT an IT PRO, just a simple user.  I am a Journeyman Electronics Techy + Annalist and enjoy troubleshooting as much as possible.

    If you need more info just ask and ye shall receive,

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