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  • I have a 2TB seagate NAS drive setup up as 1TB mirrored.  One of the drives went out but the second one seems ok.  Hoping i could recover at least some of the data, I purchased a SATA / USB adapter (suggestion from Seagate support).  I am able to see the Disk in "Computer Management / Storage / Disk Management" but when i right-click on the partition, all options except "Delete Volume" are grayed out.

    Using DiskPart I select the Disk and Partition but when i enter Detail Partition, I get the message "There is no volume associated with this partition and the Hidden attribute is "Yes"


    DISKPART> detail disk

    ST310005 28AS SCSI Disk Device
    Disk ID: {9A5B132C-C9D8-4419-941D-C73B93E78950}
    Type   : USB
    Status : Online
    Path   : 0
    Target : 0
    LUN ID : 0
    Location Path : UNAVAILABLE
    Current Read-only State : No
    Read-only  : No
    Boot Disk  : No
    Pagefile Disk  : No
    Hibernation File Disk  : No
    Crashdump Disk  : No
    Clustered Disk  : No

    There are no volumes.


    DISKPART> detail partition

    Partition 4
    Type    : a19d880f-05fc-4d3b-a006-743f0f84911e
    Hidden  : Yes
    Required: No
    Attrib  : 0000000000000000
    Offset in Bytes: 2773000192

    There is no volume associated with this partition.


    Does anyone have any suggestions?  

    Saturday, April 6, 2019 3:14 PM

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  • Type    : a19d880f-05fc-4d3b-a006-743f0f84911e
    seems to be a Linux RAID partition: this can not be read by Windows.
    boot from a Linux boot drive to access it.

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    Saturday, April 6, 2019 4:28 PM
  • diskpart
    list disk
    select disk N  where N is the number of the disk to be selected
    list partition
    select partition N where N is the partition number to be selected
    detail partition
    you can do a list volume and then a select volume to be sure
    list volume 
    detail volume 

    To clear the Hiddden attribute:


    To set the Attribute to Hidden:


    To view the contents of a hidden partition you have to assign it a drive letter with

    ASSIGN LETTER=X     where X is the drive letter to assign to the disk

    On a HIDDEN Volume there is NO drive letter assigned.

    Once you have UNHIDDEN a volume, use the ASSIGN command to assign a drive letter. the disk will then show up in both disk management and windows file explorer.

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