Message IDs and Message Types in HIS 2010 SNA Trace RRS feed

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  • Hi Steve,

    Our LU62 host has made a program update that appears to affect VDI and Citrix environments.  We know the message sends successfully to the host, and we know the host returns a reply.  There is some additional event that's triggering our application to not recognize that the line is still up and connected.  On the host end everything looks fine.  From the HIS SNA trace file, CLIMSG1, we see an additional message id that does not appear when a successful session is returned.

    We see the following extra event:

    Recoverable     5/27/2016       16:28:00.568    PVI                      MSGID:CRED   MSGTYP:CFSON  Sense1:0002                                      5824            6072            293             com_trc_line    semftrci.c      0              

    Where can we find more information about the different Message IDs (MSGID) such as CRED and Message Types (MSGTYP) such as CFSON, and how do these message ids and types trigger an event?

    My guess is that CRED stands for "Credentials" and "CFSON" has something to do with sign on?  If so, what credentials is it looking for?



    Saturday, June 11, 2016 3:26 AM


  • Dear Lily,

    sorry for the slow response. The forum seems to be spammed.

    The PVI (peer verb interface) is an internal client - server interface HIS is using to traverse messages between a client and the SNA Server node. It is not documented publicly.

    Anyway, the CRED MSGID stands fro Credit (this is kind of a flow control mechanism) and the CFSON stands for Conversation Failure Session Outage Notification.

    I can't tell why this is returned, but I guess that sth. went wrong when trying to start a conversation with the application at the mainframe. This might be a wrong TP name being sent, data being sent when conversation is in a wrong state (data are sent while conversation state is Receive, etc.)

    In order to figure that out I would need to look at the full trace (SNA application, e.g. CLIMSGx and SNA Server, Data link control and LU6.2. messages)


    Manfred Mittermüller

    -- MSFT --

    Wednesday, June 22, 2016 11:04 AM