ILM 2 = Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010

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  • As a part of a broader announcement about or Business Ready Security strategy for Identity and Security we have now announced the new name for Identity Lifecycle Manager "2". ILM "2" is a member of the Forefront family and the official name is "Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010".

    Updates to our online resources will be ongoing for the next few weeks starting with a new starting page http://www.microsoft.com/forefront/en/us/identity-manager.aspx

    When we write or talk about the product we will be using the following alternative names in falling priroty order
    Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010
    Forefront Identity Manager
    Identity Manager

    Names of the main components that make up Identity Manager
    1. The new portal and the Service are simply called FIM Service and Portal
    2. The metadirectory/synchronization/provisioning known from ILM 2007 is called FIM Synchronization Service
    3. The Certificate Lifecycle Manager features in ILM 2007 is called FIM Certificate Management

    I will follow up this announcement with more details on naming for the individual components

    Brjann Brekkan
    Senior Product Manager - Forefront Identity Manager

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    Thursday, April 16, 2009 11:06 PM