If I update a GPO, the settings are not applied


  • Hi

    I did a GPO to set the screensaver "Bubbles" and timeout of 3 mins, this worked so good in all the users, so the manager ask me to change the screensaver to text and 30 mins of timeout, BUT this new settings are not applied to all users!!

    I used the gpresult and it shows that the new parameters are the winner but still are not showed to users, restarted many times the machine and it continue with the same behavior.

    The clients are Windows 7 Prof.

    I don't know where to dig to solve this, all the clients have the lastest patches.

    I hope to know new as soon as possible :-S

    Héctor Ponce TechNet

    Wednesday, January 25, 2017 4:46 PM

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