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    We're using Forefront UAG 2010 SP4 to publish a website which is our PoC RDS (RemoteApp) 2012R2 deployment.  We also have a VPN allowing network access to all RAPP servers.

    We note that when the published apps' alias has a space within (%20), the apps' icon is replaced with a white cross on black background.  Remote Applications embed a space within their alias when multiple apps are published pointing to the same .exe - this can be normal practice when publishing multiple instances of iexplore.exe and passing a unique URL making it easy for our users to navigate.  Icons are displayed correctly when he internal URL to our RemoteApp Web server is accessed directly over the UAG VPN, only when users select the Web App icon on the UAG Home page do icons fails. 

    Also worthy of noting is that the RemoteApp still launches correctly, it's just the icon fails to display correctly.

    A workaround is to either access the RemoteApp URL directly (traversing the UAG VPN) or ensure the RemoteApp alias doesn't contain a space, yet neither are particularly a resolution and will increase maintenance.

    We have attempted to change various publishing settings on the UAG to exclude Web site URL symbol checking etc, but all to no avail.

    We note also that when sites are published they are prepended with /uniquesig<long number>/uniquesig1/<original web site> and suspect a significant level or redirection is occurring.

    1.  Can someone recommend a setting in UAG which will allow sites using %20 (spaces) within their names?

    2.  Is there a way of publishing an IE icon on the UAG Home page which simply opens IE and passes the internal URL, rather than prepending (passing through) the UAG using /uniquesig etc ?

    My concern is we enter a significant roll out and publish RemoteApp via the UAG Home page, only find out other anomolies in the future...

    As you can see I'm not experienced in UAG but I am familiar with RemoteApp.

    Your advice would be really appreciated.


    Here's the RemoteApp site accessed through the UAG home page:

    Note iExplore, iexploreBBC and iexploreRDS are all apps pointing to iexplorer.exe, but BBC and RDS have aliases post pended with space  (1) and  (2) respectively, therefore a %20 is used.  These apps still fire up but their icons cannot be located.

    Here's directly accessing the RemoteApp site through a browser (IE10) via UAG VPN.

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