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  • Good afternoon all

    I have been running a Small IT Support company for around 5 years and I'd be keen to get an idea of what type of solutions others in my sector are offering to their customers.

    10 - 15 years ago, the solution was simple. SBS for pretty much any type of small business, a DC, FS and Exchange server for the bigger firms on physical boxes or VM's. VPN back to head office for remote users.

    A few years later. We were offering Virtual Environments with the same OS's and same functionality.

    Then came the big changes, the days of SBS were over. Hosted Exchange took charge, quite in-expensive so the customers were happy(ish) to pay the ongoing costs.

    So I would be keen to hear what solutions you offer to your SME's.

    Some recent solutions we have offered.

    - Full Office365 for File Sharing, email, Azure AD to authenticate users and computers
    - Office 365 with NAS to store files locally. VPN setup to access files remotely.
    - Server 2016 for file storage and AD, Office 365 for Office suite and email
    - Dropbox for file sharing

    I would like to feel comfortable with solutions we offer for 25 user companies. There doesnt appear to be a clear answer from what I have read.

    I thought Azure storage would be a good solution to replace on prem file servers, but the cost is high (in the eyes of the customer) for 1TB +. Sharepoint and One drive work well for micro business, but larger file sizes are an issue with sync.

    It would be really good to hear the solutions you guys offer.

    All the best

    Thursday, July 5, 2018 10:42 AM