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  •  We have 3 servers and

    1. Server 1 -- FIM Service

    2. Server 2 -- Service Manager server + Sql Server 2008 r2 with (ServiceManager DB on instance 1 +DWStagingAndConfig, DWRepository, and DWDataMart DB on instance 2)

    3. Server 3 -- Data warehouse server

    We have installed FIM reporting and MPSyncJob is successfully over. Next step is to run FIMPostInstallScirptsForDatawarehouse.ps1 on Data warehouse server but The FIM Reporting post installation scripts required to execute .\FIMPostInstallScriptsForDataWarehouse.ps1 scripts in the Data Warehouse server. However, this script requires access to the "SQLCmd" tools and the "SMCmdletSnapIn" snapins. These two components are both present when the SQL server resides in the Data Warehouse server. In this scenario that condition is not true. In this procedure, we will run the FIM post installation powershell script in the SQL server. We will create a PSSessionConfiguration in the Data Warehouse server that will get called from the remote SQL server to execute the "SMCmdletSnapIn".

    To run the script i was following the steps on this link

    But in creating PSSession i am getting Access Denied error .

    So is it possible, if i will install SQL server management studio on Data Warehouse server as i will get SQLCmdlets of powershell in Data Warehouse server so i can run  the script directly on Data warehouse server without creating PSSession .

    Will it work ??

    Tuesday, March 18, 2014 10:41 AM

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