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  • Hi,

    I was trying to start the search on linux node and i see following error in the fdispatch logs . 


    [abhanand@srch-prod-94 searchctrl]$ more fsearch-0_704.log.failed

    [2012-01-25 20:06:57.075] VERBOSE    fsearch Loading rc-file: '/apps/esp/var/searchctrl/etc/fsearchrc-0_704-15700'

    [2012-01-25 20:06:57.077] VERBOSE    fsearch Max number of open files = 1024

    [2012-01-25 20:06:57.077] VERBOSE    fsearch Max data segment size = unlimited

    [2012-01-25 20:06:57.077] VERBOSE    fsearch Checking for persisted data in '/apps/esp/data/data_index/index_0_704/'...

    [2012-01-25 20:06:57.079] VERBOSE    fsearch persisted data found

    [2012-01-25 20:06:57.079] VERBOSE    fsearch Reading index configuration from /apps/esp/data/data_index/index_0_704/

    [2012-01-25 20:06:57.114] VERBOSE    fsearch Checking dataset version file /apps/esp/data/data_index/index_0_704/version.txt

    [2012-01-25 20:06:57.114] VERBOSE    fsearch Dataset status: version=1.1, state='Ok'

    [2012-01-25 20:06:57.114] VERBOSE    fsearch Maximum cache memory usage (without result cache) : 2831151 B (2.70 MB)

    [2012-01-25 20:06:57.114] VERBOSE    fsearch Number of documents indexed: 9214

    [2012-01-25 20:06:57.114] VERBOSE    fsearch Total attributevector (incl. disabled) memory usage is 4367623 B (4.17 MB)

    [2012-01-25 20:06:57.116] VERBOSE    fsearch Active attributevector memory usage is 4367623 B (4.17 MB)

    [2012-01-25 20:06:57.144] VERBOSE    fsearch Default index set to bcatcdccomposite.bidxcdccompositelvl1

    [2012-01-25 20:06:57.144] INFO       fsearch Could not load category data: url='/apps/esp/data/data_index/index_0_704/merged/category'

    [2012-01-25 20:06:57.144] INFO       fsearch Could not initialize categorization. Feature is disabled.

    *** glibc detected *** malloc(): memory corruption (fast): 0x09d0c8b8 **

    The search is failing . 

    I tried to delete the data_index folder so that it copies the new data but still it is failing . This also results in creating core.123** and bin folder for search .


    Sunday, January 29, 2012 3:22 AM

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  • Is this ESP or FAST for Sharepoint, since you are mentioning running it on Linux.

    Do you have a high QPS rate? Alternatively, you may have some complex queries that cause FSEARCH crashes, but it would be difficult to tell exactly what's happening without narrowing down to queries that causes in FAST querylogs or sending core dumps to MSFT support team. You may also want to have something like "top" or "vmstat" running at the time of the crash to see whether system resource usage is very high at that particular time.

    Igor Veytskin
    Sunday, January 29, 2012 8:58 PM