Strange error displayed when importing .CILX file created in previous install of VAMT


  • A few weeks back I had a base install of VAMT (v 3.x) on a Windows 2012 test machine that has since been rebuilt with a new motherboard and it's final set of parts. 

    During that period - I wanted to see how VAMT worked - so I performed a proxy activation for a Windows 10 ENT (MSDN) using one of my supplied MAK keys. I was able to successfully activate the install and save it's activation information to a CILX file.

    I read on Technet that this file could be used again to authorize the same machine as long as the hardware did not change to radically.

    Last week I reinstalled VAMT on the new server and wanted to import this CILX file into the new VAMT database on the rebuilt server. But I get a bizarre error when attempting to import the file:

    What exactly is the core issue here? Is it the database? I used an instance of SQL Server 2012 to create the test VAMT database and on the new build I am used SQL Server Express 2012. Or does the VAMT database have to be empty before import? I did re-added a bunch of existing machines to the new instance of VAMT before import - including the install that this .CILX file belongs to.

    I thought that the whole point of proxy activation (and exporting a .CILX file) was to capture activation data to a file so it could be reimported into future installs of VAMT to reactivate the same machine if required?

    Appreciate any info that anyone can share on this error



    Saturday, February 25, 2017 5:14 AM

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