IE Aborting Image Download with src attribute when over SSL and getting Content-Type header value image/jpg RRS feed

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  • Images are not downloaded at all and page looks broken.

    The same page works fine over HTTP but shows the problem over HTTPS. Works fine in firefox and chrome.

    Checked and found the problem in IE 9, 10, 11

    Is it some bug in IE, I have searched the forums and searched internet. Got following but are not relevant to this case.

    • Resetting src of the img (Ruled out, not doing any reset)
    • Do not save encrypted pages to disk  is checked in advanced security options (Ruled out, unchecked)
    • Using TLS 1.2 with SSL 2.0 (Ruled out, SSL 2.0 unchecked)
    • Cache-preventing headers: Cache-Control header with the tokens no-cache, no-store (Ruled out, no such headers)
    • Restarts due to parser reset owing XML Namespace declaration, Meta tags etc. (Ruled out, image tags are afterwards)

    Thanks in advance for help!

    Thursday, May 15, 2014 3:46 AM

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