Ignore Unrelated Dimensions in Tabular Model

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  • Hi All,

    how to set 'Ignore Unrelated Dimensions' property in Tabular Model.

    Thanks in Advance.
    Thursday, July 11, 2013 10:00 AM

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  • Hello,

    You can't.

    Or at least there is no option to do so in the Tabular Model Designer in Visual Studio/SSDT.  Technically you can set it using AMO, but I would not recommend it (despite AMO being a supported interface, I don't think Microsoft envisioned it being used like this).

    A workaround (in the 2012 release) is to create a DAX measure that behaves like IgnoreUnrelatedDimensions=False.  An example is provided by Marco Russo here: (search the text for "IgnoreUnrelatedDimensions").

    Maybe a tabular equivalent to the IgnoreUnrelatedDimensions property will come in a later release.


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    Thursday, July 11, 2013 9:43 PM
  • Thank you Christian,.. hope Microsoft comes with easier solution in next versions.
    Thursday, August 01, 2013 7:26 AM