Mapped Sharepoint drive stops working after PCs reboot


  • My environment is Windows SBS Server 2011 and Windows 7 Pro computers.  We use Office 365 and Sharepoint Online.  Every time I reboot a computer, they break all of the mapped drives that users have for Sharepoint.  Here's the error message they get:

    Windows cannot access  \\\DavWWWRoot

    Error code 0x80070035.  The network path was not found.


    As part of my troubleshooting I followed this MS article:

    and I made sure the website was in the Trusted sites.  I also made sure I checked the box for "Stay logged in" when logging in to the team site, per the article above.  

    I can fix this very easily by disconnecting the mapped network location and re-mapping it by going to Computer, then right click in the network section and click on Add Network Location, then enter  and it works right away. However, I shouldn't have to do that every time I install updates.  Very time consuming and a real pain. 

    Sunday, July 31, 2016 10:29 PM


  • Even with the "keep me signed in" checkbox selected, the token will expire, it simply takes a bit longer. It's by design, sharepoint sites aren't really supposed to be used as mapped drives. The user will still have to login to SPO periodically to renew the token. You can put it as a start page for the browser or better yet, use a smart link (only works with AD FS though). There are also some custom scripts that emulate browser requests and renew the token, go look them up on the internet (those are not supported by Microsoft though).
    Monday, August 1, 2016 5:23 AM