Vista x64 bit home premium UAC restricts x86 folder program from writing to disc RRS feed

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  • Dear MS peeps,
    I have just bought a, I think Java or C# based poker program located in the x86 folder so must be 32 bit. The program has an option to save every hand played to a text file for later analysis. This feature seems to work with the UAC off, but will not write text files to disc from virtual memory or RAM with UAC on.
    I have tried the "run as Admin" option and a few other tweaks to no avail.
    Could one of you clever people assist me in getting over this hurdle as I do not want to turn off UAC as it has done such a fine job of securing my machine but so far is my only option if I want to save the histories of my play, one of the main reasons for the purchase.
    Thank you anyone that can assist and congratulations on the new operating system, as XP was useful but very hard to secure and I had horrific troubles that eventually blew up the box(pentium 4)Vista is leaps and bounds more secure, not to mention the solutions software in it actually contacts me for solutions which XP never did though had a similar though disfunctional applet, at least in my case.
    Sunday, March 7, 2010 5:06 AM

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  • Where does it save the file with UAC off? What error message do you receive? What's the name of the program? When you run the program as an administrator it (more or less) equals running it with UAC off. So please double-check that it really doesn't save the file.
    Alternatively, simply install program in "My Documents" or on your desktop.
    Monday, March 8, 2010 7:17 PM