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  • Hello there!

    We just installed 10 additional CALs on Essential. Im confused, beacuse "verified comments from Microsoft moderators" don't say everytime the same. So, basically we are using a Windows Server 2012 R2 (Essential), where already are 10 CALs installed. But i cant get it working with more than 2 users logged in(remotelly). So hopefully i get an answer from someone who knows whats up: IF there are already purchased and installed CALs(10) on WSE 2012 R2, is it possible to login more than 2 users or not(remotelly)? Thanks for your answer in advance! (sry for my english, if something isnt clear please ask!) Thank you!


    Wednesday, July 1, 2015 3:06 PM


  • According to this answer, we fucked up... So my answer is solved...

    Hi Wynand,

    Essentials only supports 2 Active sessions, regardless of how many RDS CALs you own.

    In order to use Server 2012 RDS the way it was intended, you need to have a 2012 server joined to a domain (not a DC).  This implies a minimum of two servers, one for a DC, and one for RDS, which both can be VMs.

    You could install Server 2012 Standard and install the RD Session Host and RD Licensing Role Services without joining it to a domain, but you will not be able to use the Server Manager RDS gui to manage it, or publish RemoteApps, or have collections, as well as some other features will not work.  You will need to use a combination of local group policy, wmi, registry edits, etc., to configure settings.  In this scenario there is no need for hyper-v to be installed.

    A single Server 2012 Standard license would allow you to install it on the physical server, install Hyper-V, and then create two VMs, both running Server 2012 Standard.  That way one of the VMs could be a DC, and the second VM could have RDS with your 5 users running within.

    Setting up your servers as VMs is generally (not always) the preferred way and has many benefits.  For example, say you need a more powerful server in the future.  If you have your servers as VMs it is quick and easy to purchase a new server and export/import the VMs to it--no need to reinstall applications.


    Thursday, July 2, 2015 1:17 PM