Connecting a URL filter to a PPS Filter, not report. RRS feed

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  • There's a great post on adding a query string filter to a PPS page and connecting it to a report or chart:


    However, this approach does not appear to allow a connection to a PPS filter that has already been added to the page. 

    Here's the scenario:  You have an analysis dashboard with one or more PPS reports/pages that are controlled by a PPS filter on the page(s).  The PPS filter provides a list of values pulled from a cube.  Manually selecting a value in the PPS filter affects the data on all the connected reports.  If multiple pages/reports in the same dashboard use that same PPS filter, they all get updated at the same time.  Nice!

    Now suppose I want to link to the above dashboard from another source, like an "additional action" defined in a cube being browsed via Excel.  I want to pass the starting filter value to the dashboard via the URL and have that filter value set the selected value in the PPS filter, thus by default also filtering the connected report and all other reports connected to that PPS filter on additional pages.  The dashboard would open and all pages would already be filtered to the same dimensional member I selected when browsing the cube in Excel.  If necessary, the user could then change the PPS filters on the page as necessary to look at other members.

    The solution described in the link above gets close, but does not work in the scenario because the Query String (URL) filter does not allow you to provide the filter information to a PPS Filter, just a PPS report or scorecard.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thx, Mike

    Friday, May 11, 2012 1:09 PM

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  • You are correct the PPS filter web part would not accept querystring parameters. Few approaches you can try:

    Use jQuery to programmatically set PPS filter value based on query string. This would involve getting the document ids of filter controls and setting them up in document.ready().


    Create a separate page with all your reports and link them with SharePoint's Query String (URL) Filter web part. So when a user clicks on an action or link and send selected paramters as query string SharePoint web part would do the filtering for you. You can add a link to the other page with PPS filter if user needs to change filter value.


    Wednesday, May 16, 2012 7:20 PM