Need to identify where MS .dll and .exe files are from to check they are being used under the correct license RRS feed

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    Apologies, but I have no idea where to raise this question. There does not seem a logical bucket for it. If it is the wrong place, hopefully someone can guide me to the right place.

    I audit software within our company to try and ensure that all the 3rd party software is being used under the correct license or not at all. By far the biggest pain, are products that are developed using Microsoft Development tools for the Windows operating systems. Most of the time we can identify them as from Microsoft through metadata, but that is it.

    What we would really llike is something like Maven for these files where if it is a .dll or .exe and has MS somewhere in the metadata, we can call an MS API with the SHA1 checksum for the file and MS tells us where that file is from (MS VC, MS VB, etc.) and under what license it is under.

    Does something like this exist? If not, why not???? ;-)Thanks, N

    Thursday, March 15, 2018 3:35 PM