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  • Greetings,

    I'm currently experiencing some frustrating problems regarding the installation of key hardware in Windows Vista.  Although I have found drivers for my motherboard (Asus A8N-Sli with nforce 4 chipset) and my sound card (Audigy 2), neither will install properly.  The creative drivers (made especially for Vista x64) come with an installer which seems to complete properly, but I get errors from Windows saying that the hardware cannot be started.  As for my motherboard, Vista refuses to let me manually install the inf files for my motherboard.  The nvidia drivers for vista x64 do not come with an installer, and windows give me an "installation failed" error when I right click to install them.  Using the device manager doesn't help, since the motherboard components all show up as "unknown devices" (meaning that I can't easily determine which is which).  Finally, I cannot seem to find a way to make use of my USB wireless adapter (Linksys WUSB54GS).  I can install the INF for it, but it says that it relies on an "invalid service" or something to that extent.

    If anyone has advice, it will be very much appreciated.
    Sunday, July 9, 2006 6:13 PM

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  • Hi

    I've got a the same board as you, it installed mostly ok (but I think a couple of smaller devices on the board didn't - I still have 3 unknown devices) doesn't seem to be a major problem though as Vista works fine. I didn't install any drivers specifically, I just let Vista search for them.

    Your Audigy 2, if you got the drivers from Creative, they don't work with 5384 - only 5321. There is however a workaround that I found at Creative's forums.. Here's the link:


    Looks complicated, but it works !!

    The Linksys, sorry can't help with that one.

    Hope this helps,

    P.S. One of the unknown devices is your Creative Game Port, that won't install with the workaround.

    Sunday, July 9, 2006 9:27 PM
  • Hi,

    Believe it or not, the gameport isn't one of the unknown devices.  It doesn't work mind you, but it's clearly listed in the device manager.

    Like you, I have 3 unknown devices (all related to the motherboard).  Unlike you, however, I feel it is necessary to find a workaround because my mouse doesn't seem to be functioning properly.  The LED on the mouse seems to turn off far too quickly, and works almost like a strobe light when in motion (in otherwords, the LED dims and turns back on constantly, even while the mouse is in motion).  I felt this might be related to the motherboard in some way.

    In any case, I will be happy to try the workaround you provided for the audigy 2.  I actually did everything short of using the windows xp 64 drivers, so I'll be happy to try that now.  Any bit helps, and I appreciate the link even if it doesn't end up working 100%.

    BTW, is Beta 2 build 5384?  What is the build number lower than the previous release?

    Monday, July 10, 2006 12:07 AM
  • The beta 2 is build 5384, the release before was 5321 which was the one that the Creative drivers were for, since then there's 5456 which isn't public yet.

    The mouse problem sounds interesting... what type is it? I'm using a bluetooth Logitech MX 1000, I will admit it does seem to hang and slow down on cpu intensive problems now and then, has to play catch up ! That's only for a second or so though.

    Apart from a  couple of other issues (scanner won't install and tv card is installed but no software finds it) I'm quite pleased with vista, it's stable, responsive and I like the new features. If I do need my scanner I go back to XP.

    Compatible drivers will be appearing soon though I'm sure, and more software that's 64 bit too..
    Monday, July 10, 2006 7:46 AM
  • Thanks for the clarification.  I actually do know someone who had 5456, but I was sure that I downloaded the most recent version listed.  I assumed then that, by some weird logic, 5456 was actually released before 5384.

    I've tried two mice; one ms intellimouse optical and one logitech mx 510.  Both exhibit the same problem.  I too have an MX 1000, but I haven't tried it yet.  You probably won't notice the same flickering because the laser is invisible (if I remember correctly).  It's quite absurd really, and the mouse motion is definitely choppier than it is in windows xp.

    My overall impression of vista isn't that good right now, but that's largely due to my driver problems (especially since I'm stuck on 56k).  While it is certainly aesthetically pleasing, and while some of the GUI changes are welcomed, I cannot fathom why MS chose to adopt such abrassive security measures.  I should not have to confirm a "file operation" just to delete a short cut.  I'm sure this will all be worked out eventually, but for now, I feel many of the security features are excessive and redundant.

    Monday, July 10, 2006 11:14 AM
  • You can change the Security settings in the User Accounts in Control Panel.. the system is a pain in the ....! Apparently, this will be changed in the next build.

    Driver probs will of course be resolved as the manufacturers release new ones.
    Monday, July 10, 2006 12:33 PM
  • I have posted a sollution to the linksys driver problem in a new thread!
    Tuesday, July 11, 2006 8:00 PM