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    Can somebody explain MAP logics?


    I have some cases, which are described below.

    1. We have 3 domains, 2 are in one way trust and 1 is main domain. We have near 20k systems in main domain and 200 in 2 others. Firstly, we have scanned main domain and after it we have run scan for 2 others. In wizard we have checked boxes only for 2 domains without main domain, but MAP also scanned main domain and scan process is very slow. Only one solution what I have found it is to scan this 2 domains in separate base. The same behavior I can see in case if I have a scanned main domain and I select option to scan 2 systems from file. MAP also wants to scan all systems from main domain with 20k+ systems. How we can deal with this?


    2. I have found such system in one of reports:

    Operating System = Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise

    WMI Status = Success

    Last Activity Date = 2007.07.16 (3531)

    Disabled (Y/N) = Y


    So, how it can be explained? Windows 7 was started in 2009, so it is only 8 years, system is disabled 3531 day ago (10+ years). However, this disabled system are scanned successfully. Can somebody explain this?


    3. What about MAP statuses? Are they consistent and can be trusted? In first scan for one system I can see one status (for example Failed - Machine not found for second scan I see Failed - Access Denied or RPC unavailable at thisrd scan I also see Failed - Machine not found status. As I think this statuses are more stable.

    4. Sometimes MAP can't update or count users in AD. I make sevveal scans and quantity of users is same, but some users were created and some were blocked. And in scan at 2 another domains I can't see any of users (total users=0)








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