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  • Yesterday 12/11 I was contacted by phone by a man who identified himself as from Microsoft Windows and they had received a message that I was having a problem with my Windows, which I was, and he was calling to resolve it. He knew my name.  I was shocked, never heard of such a thing.  He asked if I sent such a message, I had checked "report."  He took me to DOS, had me type commands that brought up a list of "error" messages from the last several days.  Next he brought up a box for me to type assoc into.  I paniced and hung up.  Hours later he called.  Again state he was from Windows, I asked many questions why he would call from which he had many answers.  He then had me type in an address:  www. or something close.  I was asked to click talk to an asscociate on a top menu.  A boxlk appeared and I typed in "assoc'. He started typing DOS commands as he talked, because he had control of my machine.  He said I have to check your certifcation of Windows.  A list on remarks came up and when he clicked on Cerrtificate, it returned saying "Certificate expired"  The then told me because I had been sold a problem copy of Windows, I was due a refund he claimed. So a form came up, he entered my name, and then told me to enter my bank account information so the refund could be processed.  I questioned this one, and he remarked, not to worry, he could not see my numbers then came up as *************.  i still was apprehensive and said mail it.  Of course, that could not be done.  So I have pretty much realized I was probably in the middle of a swindle but my fear is somehow because he was into my computer, he could go to my bank account on Internet, and help himself.  I called the bank last nite, they said no.  But I am still fearful.  I want to be sure I cut his connection to my machine as well as to inform Microsft of this possible fraudulent behavior. 
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