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  • I would like to reboot my computer, I'm not good at these things. I have windows xp home... no cd, but numbers on side of harddrive. I think I'm seeing help for this expired in july. Can anyone please give me a number or a direction to go in? Thanks Gary

    PS i do have a xp service pack 3

    Sunday, November 28, 2010 10:32 PM

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  • If you mean by "reboot" to do a re-install back to your original, out of the box factory settings, minus your programs, apps and personal files, try the "reset.exe" program located in the "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\reset.exe " folder. If you are looking to do a complete, fresh re-install, you either need an install disk, or else you might have been one of the lucky ones who were left with the entire windows install directory on your computer, but you will have to enable the "show all files", "show hidden and system files" and then unmark the "hide known extensions" options in the "view" tab of the folder options item in the control panel, first, before you search for a folder named "I386" on your hard drive. THERE MAY BE SEVERAL, MOST ARE USUALLY ASSOCIATED WITH DRIVERS-----THE ONE YOU WOULD WANT AND NEED WILL BE HUGE ! (about 550-650 mb in size, with 5400 or so files !) If you have this folder, do this first:

    At a command prompt, or the "run..." box in the start menu, type (without the quote marks "")

    "winnt.32.exe /cmdcons" and press enter. Don't panic, it loads setup, then uses setup to install a command-line-based recovery environment as an actual start up option to your computer, for use when and if (!) Windows won't start. It only takes 7mb of space, and has been a lifeline from disaster more than once in my favor ! NOTE: of course, the "winnt32.exe /cmdcons" would have to be specified along with the actual location of the folder it is in (I386) on the hard drive  at the command prompt itself, e.g-"C:\WINDOWS\REPAIR\I386> WINNT32.EXE /CMDCONS".

    tHEN, YOU CAN USE THE "WINNT32.EXE" BY ITSELF, FROM WITHIN YOUR WINDOWS BY DOUBLE-CLICKING ON IT AGAIN, TO RUN SETUP FOR A FULL RE-INSTALL, OR A FORE SHORTENED REPAIR INSTALL (strangely enough, both options are accessed through choosing the fresh install option ), the difference being that in the repair install, all your files are left intact, and your windows is rebuilt AROUND THEM.

    "http://support.microsoft.com/fixit/default.aspx ". This is MICROSOFT'S new, FREE, fully automated, anonymous support portal, which can help users resolve windows and other product issues with a few mouse clicks. BOOKMARK THIS SITE, EVERYBODY !!!
    Monday, November 29, 2010 9:49 AM