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  • I have an Excel document with hyperlinks to other worksheets in the same document.  The document is located on a SharePoint site.  Typically when the document is checked out, the local "SharePoint Drafts" directory is used.  The hyperlinks work fine if the document is saved locally or opened as read-only.  However, when the document is simply checked out from SharePoint as read-write then the hyperlinks cannot be used.  When a hyperlink is clicked then a Miscrosoft Office dialog box opens with the message "Opening http://my/sharepoint/path/document.xlsx  Some files can contain viruses...  Would you like to open this file?"  Of course trying to re-open the same document gets you into all sorts of loops you don't want.

    Is there a way around this issue, so that hyperlinks to other worksheets can be used when the document is checked out from SharePoint?

    Please note that I have tried using both named ranges and the hyperlink function without success.

    Thanks in advance,

    PS.  I've noted this same issue with hyperlinks in MS Word documents when checked out from SharePoint.

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  • Hi Andrew,

    Thanks to share your post in the forum.

    For the issue that you have encountered, I think the followed articles may apply to your scenario:



    Hope this could help you!


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  • No, sorry, neither of these pages addresses my issue.  My links do not change. 

    I create a hyperlink to another cell in the same document by...

    • Select a cell.
    • Press CTRL+K
    • Click "Place in this document"
    • Click some other worksheet in the same workbook
    • I leave "Type the cell reference" as "A1"
    • Click "Ok"
    • The hyperlink is created.

    While the document is checked out, if I click the hyperlink then I will receive the dialog box saying, "Opening http://my/sharepoint/path/document.xlsx  Some files can contain viruses...  Would you like to open this file?"  If I click "Ok" then another version of the document attempts to open, which conflicts with the version I already have open.  If I click "Cancel" then of course I don't navigate to where I wanted.

    However, if the document is opened from SharePoint as read-only or I save a copy locally and open it then the hyperlinks work just fine.

    This is the issue I am experiencing.  I want to be able to check out a document from SharePoint and still use the hyperlinks created in the document.  I don't care whether I have to create the links differently or whether I have to click on them diffenently.  I just want to be able to use them.


     PS.  Our company is using Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 

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  • This response is obviously a little late for the date on the thread, but I wanted to put this in for anyone else experiencing the same issue (a user just brought this to my attention). The only work-around we've found so far is to turn off the local drafts check box when editing/checking out the document. The links worked fine for us then. Not an optimal solution, obviously.


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