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    I'm working on a Project Server 2013 environment that is using Timesheet Line Classifications. In our environment we are not utilizing the Standard Classification but, we are instead using Billable Onsite, Billable Offsite and Nonbillable.


    If I have created a timesheet, then I am assigned an additional task and try to add the task to my timesheet using a Line Classification other than standard, I get an error pop-up. As long as I add the Standard line classification first, everything works fine. If I delete and recreate the timesheet it prepopulates the standard tasks which also resolves the issue.


    1.) Has anyone else ran across this issue and have a fix?  

    2.) Is anyone aware of a product fix in a CU or Hotfix to resolve this issue?



    Wednesday, November 20, 2013 9:13 PM

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  • Dustin - as I understand it Timesheet Line Classifications allow you to "Duplicate" Timesheet lines for business purposes or accounting reasons. When I first saw this explanation I was at a loss as to the benefit or purpose of this feature, fortunately I work with some smart customers and they soon opened my eyes to the potential of this feature.

    The operative word in the description is "Duplicate". Additional Timesheet line classifications are available but not in lieu of the Standard Line Classification. As you have experienced if the "Standard" line is added to a Timesheet then an associated Duplicate Line Classification for the same task can be added to the Timesheet.

    To realise your requirement you might just decide what type of work is it you do that is most prevalent and regard that as being "Standard" and then use other line classifications to identify other Billable time - Non Billable Time reporting in a Timesheet is available by default if it is enabled in Timesheet Settings and Defaults.

    As an alternative do your Timesheet compilers decide the classification of the work they are booking time to?

    You could consider Task Custom Fields using a lookup table to denote whether work is on-site or off-site with the Calculation for Assignment Rows option set to "Rolldown unless manually specified" - this will associate the task field value with the associated Assignment. Using Task level fields set by whoever creates the project plan would remove the responsibility for differentiating the work "type" for your Timesheet users.

    The querying and reporting of the different classifications of work as recorded in Timesheets would then be possible by virtue of the task field.

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    Thursday, July 3, 2014 3:57 PM