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  • Friends.

    One client needs to have Have a Workflow approval for any changes that happen in any original / current project. I am wondering if I should:

    A -- have an EPT linked to a workflow so that they could register their " project changes" as an additional project

    B -- have a site workflow inside the project workspace which needs to have the change in " scope,quality,budget or schedule"

    C -- change the original Project EPT (which does not contain workflow) linked to a workflow. Have users to execute the approval steps/phases for new projects as well as Project changes. Then I will have them to " restart workflow when they need change the scope/cost/schedule of their projects and find a way to track those changes (number of changes for each project)

    In your experience what is the most used solution ? The original project EPT does not contain an workflow associated to it, so we just need cover " project changes" . (seens a bit strange that their original project does not need approval, maybe they are doing some kind of project portfolio offline .have an additional project EPT with workflow to " manage variations of projects request"

    or would be better if we bind variations/project change requests inside the original Project workspace, using site workflows

    d) I have not figure how to put the " site workflow"  to work, Can you pls send me some articles ?

    Tuesday, January 21, 2014 5:56 AM

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  • Hi Bruno,

    Here is what I'd suggest. Basically you're willing to put in place a change request process through Project Server.

    First you have to consider how you defined your EPTs and if you can have CR (change request) for any of them. For instance, you could have EPTs like R&D, improvment, new product... Then you could have CR for any of those EPTs. In this case (and it is what I suggest), CR should not be a specific EPT, but a process available for each EPT.

    Thus I'd advice to have something like a "change request" custom list in your SharePoint project site. You could first design the process with the CR metadata, then you'll include those metadata as the CR list columns (type of CR, approval required, $$, scope, man/week required....).

    On this list you can attach workflow for CR approvals. I'd also advice to associate to this process baselines in MS Project Pro to keep track.

    The advantage is that you can afterward build reporting upon CR lists of all projects and consolidate globally change requests. 

    Hope this helps.

    Guillaume Rouyre - MBA, MCP, MCTS

    Tuesday, January 21, 2014 2:24 PM